A Proactive Approach to Health and Wellness

At Helios Wellness Centres our focus is your well being. We believe strongly in the adage – prevention is the best cure. By working with you in a proactive way the Helios team helps you optimize your health and vitality, giving you the best protection against disease and injury.

Our multi-disciplinary team uses holistic model that combines comprehensive annual assessments with a personalized Wellness Program. We access the latest evidence-based medical research to ensure your program includes the best medical treatment and lifestyle activities.

Our comprehensive approach provides continuity of care of all your health care needs and we limit our number of clients so you always have access to personalized services for you and your family.

To help begin your journey towards a better, health future we need accurate information. That is why every Helios client starts with a Comprehensive Health Exam and Lifestyle Assessment that looks at the total you – your medical history, lifestyle, stress factors, nutrition and fitness.

We believe our in-depth assessment makes the difference in identifying a Wellness Program that will keep you and your family health and active while enabling early detection of problems that may require medical treatment.


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